FivePenny Piece - City Of Manchester.


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'City Of Manchester' is a collection of songs from founder Fivepenny Piece members John Meeks and Lynda Meeks. There are 22 tracks - a mix of reworked old songs and brand new material.

1. City of Manchester (Meeks /Radcliffe)
2. Miss Prim & Proper (Meeks/Ashton)
3. Wonderful Time (Meeks /Radcliffe)
4. Wakes Holiday (Meeks/Bush)
5. Emerald Dew of The Morning (Meeks /Radcliffe)
6. Dukinfield Park (Meeks/Johnson)
7. Tupence Change (Meeks /Radcliffe)
8. Molly Cinders (Meeks /Radcliffe)
9. Passing of To-Day (Meeks /Radcliffe)
10. Barefoot Days (Trad/arr /Meeks)
11. Sometimes (Meeks /Radcliffe)
12. Lancashire Lyne (Meeks /Radcliffe)
13. Winter Sun (Meeks /Radcliffe)
14. Oh Gosh By Gosh (Trad/arr /Meeks)
15. Velvet Cushions (Meeks /Radcliffe)
16. He Came To Me (Meeks /Radcliffe)
17. Peddler of Songs (Meeks /Radcliffe)
18. Tater Pie (Meeks/Ashton)
19. You Have Been This Way Before (Meeks /Radcliffe)
20. Codswallop (Meeks)
21. Can I (Meeks /Radcliffe)
22. Time (Meeks /Radcliffe)